Green Coffee beans in India and Philippines: benefits for weight loss, customer reviews, and how to use

Why is it so easy to get a dream body with Green coffee? This supplement is extremely effective in India and Philippines today.

Green Coffee beans is a real breakthrough in the field of safe and effective fat loss. This supplement helps to use body fat as an energy source and speed up toning and slimming without any workouts or diet restrictions.

Excess body weight is a major problem all over the world, it tends to increase with age, sedentary lifestyle and availability of calorie-dense foods in the diet.

According to recent statistical data, more than 20% of children and over 42% of adults have excess weight due to improper eating habits and lack of movement.

Real doctor and patient reviews about Green Coffee

Exhausting long-lasting exercises and constant hunger that usually accompany the process of weight loss make most of the people stressed and create the vicious circle of overeating. And the lost kilos return.

Some women may have no excess body fat according to medical standards, but still feel uncomfortable in their body.

Synthetic fat burners based on narcotic-like substances are not healthy, bring no benefits, can cause significant side effects and even a serious withdrawal effect.

Is there a safe and effective way to get a dream body with no gym and diets?


The original formula of this herbal fat burner was used by European scientists.  The newest technologies were implemented to activate the extract in the beans and provide maximum outcome for small capsules. Green Coffee bean contains precious chlorogenic acid, special molecular form of caffeine, tannins, vitamins and minerals for increasing the fat burning processes. Your body want to get these kilos away, let this natural supplement help.

Green Coffee in capsules provides not only a safe slimming effect, it also has many health benefits: it can be used by allergic people, it provides better mental concentration and promotes digestion with no side effects. The supplement provides a lot of benefits to the gastrointestinal tract as well: it has a mild and natural impact on digestive system and helps eliminate toxins.

How does it work?

Green Coffee beans provide the following effects:

  • Speeds up metabolic processes and weight loss;
  • Activates the utilization of adipose (fatty) tissues using them as energy source;
  • Reduces the absorption of sugars and fats from consumed foods;
  • Provides mild diuretic and laxative action to get rid of toxins stored in fatty tissues;
  • Helps to control appetite;
  • Has many health benefits.

If you decide to order this supplement, the first thing you may need to know is the correct dosage and how to use it. All the instructions you can find below.

Real doctor and patient reviews about Green Coffee

Green Coffee beans are successfully applied by over 400,000 male and female customers all over the world. Why are they so popular?

Negative comments and reviews about Green Coffee: is it effective or not?

The product has a brilliant reputation on the market of fat burners in India and Philippines, it is supported by great customer comments and reviews, their “before-after” pictures, and professional reviews of dietologists and fitness coaches.

Some of the reviews are listed below:

W.I. Summertone – MD at American Health Center in California

A lot of people must sacrifice their lifestyle habits and spend enormous amount of time on physical shaping exercises in gyms and fitness centers. Complete food intake control is also stressful and in many cases, it leads to so-called “yo-yo effect” – when the patient puts up all the previously lost weight after the diet is complete.

To assist in weight loss, there are many methods, but the optimal one is Green Coffee extract. It is preferable due to is quality, safety and affordable price. In our practice Green Coffee extract showed better effectiveness in comparison to diet + regular exercise in 39% of patients. 59% of respondents said that Green Coffee can fully replace strict diets and only remaining 3% said Green Coffee doesn’t bring expected results.

We consider these trial results motivating and promising. Our clinic recommends Green Coffee for fast and controlled fat loss.

Hilary Williams, MD – Mayo Clinic

Green Coffee beans for weight loss are one of the most appreciated natural fat burning methods now after regular exercising and strict diets. I recommend it to patients, who have extra pounds and want to lose them without adding too much stress in their lives or changing habits. In average, Green Coffee helps to lose from five to ten pounds (which is equal to 3-5 kilos per week) what is a very good result. The effect is noticeable from the first days. Keep taking the capsules until you are fully satisfied with your new body, but the minimum course is two weeks.

Evelyn Hudson, a mother of three, 38 years old

I gained twenty kilos with every pregnancy and managed to lose all of them after my first one, but second and third pregnancies left about fifteen extra kilos on my body. And the weight loss stopped. I have no opportunity to visit fitness classes or pay a dietologist, so I decided to try Green Coffee. This product helped me get rid of eight kilos in two weeks, this is amazing! I keep going! The fat is gone from my belly, the arms and inner thighs are not flabby anymore and now I can fit my favorite dress. Another benefit is fresh complexion. I feel so inspired and excited that my husband noticed these changes too.

I can share my tips on how to use this supplement: I took it an hour before planned meals and tried to move more along the day, and it helped!

I shared the link to official website with my best friend and she is going to start her transformation too.

Negative comments and reviews about Green Coffee: is it effective or not?

If this supplement is able to provide fantastic results in weight loss, why some people write comments about low effectiveness of this product? Several anonymous users online call this product “just money waste bringing no benefits”, so why this fat burner may fail to work? We asked fitness center specialists about it:

“The composition of the product and the main function of its ingredient should provide steady weight loss as the components are known for their fat burning properties. Negative reviews and user complaints may have appeared due to one of the following reasons or their combination:

  1. Green Coffee is applied in case of a serious metabolic or endocrinal disorder. Natural extracts can speed up metabolism and eliminate toxins, but doesn’t change the hormonal system.
  2. Customers have a wrong idea of how to apply the supplement and have chosen ineffective dosage, so the results are barely noticeable.
  3. Customers bought a fake non-certified product and then blame that original Green Coffee for poor performance in weight loss. To ensure excellent product quality and safety for your health, check twice for the official website address before you order in India, Philippines and other countries. The detailed manual on how to use and how to order the fat burner from legit sellers can be found below.”

How to use Green Coffee? instructions and competent advice

How to use Green Coffee? instructions and competent advice

If you have questions on how to apply this product, here is the quick overview:

How to apply the supplement correctly?

  • If you take capsules – 2 or 3 times a day between the meals. The minimal duration of fat loss program is 2 weeks.

How to use other pharmaceutical forms?

As the product is available in different forms, the instructions for capsules and tea can be different. Carefully read the label to take the correct dosage.

The average weight loss program lasts for one month, but you can take Green Coffee, until you feel comfortable with the results making a weekly pause every month.

Product active ingredients and their efficacy

Detailed and multi-stage clinical trials in dozens of countries including India and Philippines were carried out with thousands of participants. The results are outstanding: 98% of patients lost from 5 to 23 kilos in four weeks. The outcome depends on the amount of extra weight at the beginning. This fact is can be easily checked by many comments and reviews about the product. Wikipedia articles prove fat-burning effect of the Green coffee bean extract.

The extract contains:

  • Chlorogenic acid – a major adipose tissue splitter that helps to “open” the fatty cells and utilize their contents.
  • Caffeine – natural stimulant and metabolic booster. A special molecular structure of caffeine in this extract provides mild effect on nervous system, and increased effect for fat burning. Prevents weight rebound.
  • Tannin – to improve gastrointestinal tract performance and cleanse the body from toxins and excess fluids that form edema. Another benefit: tannins improve the immune system work.
  • Natural antioxidants including vitamins and minerals – reduce oxidative stress, help to get toned and fresh, no flabby skin, no stretch marks, no wrinkles.

What are the key advantages of Green Coffee beans and why are they so popular?

  • Full safety and hypoallergenic formula due to herbal origin;
  • Compact package for easy use anywhere and anytime;
  • Capsules for easy use without standing the unpleasant taste;
  • No side effects or digestion discomfort;
  • No hunger or sweat from exhausting workouts;
  • First effect in just 5 days!
  • Helps to drop three clothing sizes in a month;
  • Long-lasting effect;
  • Attractive shapes, no rolls ad cellulite;
  • Competitive price;
  • Payment upon delivery.

Green Coffee is a checked and licensed biologically active supplement. Before going for sale in India and Philippines, this fat burner was tested on thousands of test participants, was registered and obtained safety certificates.

Contraindications, side effects and combination with other supplements

Side effects are reported to occur less than 0,05%. Side effects include allergies, diarrhea and nausea. In case you have caffeine intolerance, this product is not recommended to you. Consult your healthcare provider, if you noticed any of allergy symptoms.

Please, note that you should drink enough water to get your body properly cleansed from harmful substances that appear because of fatty tissue rapid breakdown.

The product has two contraindications:

  • Combination with other fat burners at the same time;
  • Individual caffeine intolerance.

As far as product drawbacks are concerned, some people report they started urinating more often throughout the day (according to reviews). This is completely normal, it happens due to mild diuretic effect and doesn’t affect the product quality or safety.

Where to buy the original Green Coffee bean extract in capsules? Official website

Where to buy the original Green Coffee bean extract in capsules? Official website

Important: Always check the website address before placing the order. There are a lot of swindlers on the Internet, who offer placebo for sale instead of Green Coffee. In India, Philippines and some other countries, the original product can be ordered only at the

official website

The original product cannot be found at local drugstores or on Amazon and Lazada. The name of this world-famous fat burner may be used by companies selling low-quality analogues or fakes. The only way to be sure you buy certified product is to order it online in India and Philippines from the legit seller.

How to order?

  • Enter some of your contact information (only your name and contact number are required) at the official website. Remember: we never ask for immediate payment, you pay ONLY when you receive your parcel.
  • Wait for company consultants to contact you and provide additional information of the product and its order.
  • Confirm the order.
  • Wait for the parcel delivery and make a payment.

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