Bactefort from parasites: reviews, is it effective or useless?

No one can be protected from worm infections: neither children, nor adults. The risk of infection increases, if a family has pets (dogs or cats) in the house. This is the situation my family appeared in. We used Bactefort drops (they also exist in the form of capsules, but both forms seem to have the same efficiency), let’s talk about it.

We have a country house, two dogs and three cats, the kids play in the sand all the time. As a result, both were diagnosed with worms after a preventive examination. It is difficult to say, what or who became the source of infection. But we had to cure this disease in all the family members, including animals. This is the rule. And I believe – the right one. The only trouble we faced with was the drug choice. On the one hand, it is desirable that the medication had a broad spectrum of action, on the other hand- it should not cause side effects. My children suffer from allergies, so I cautiously treat almost all synthetic drugs. Being aware of this fact, our family doctor recommended taking a closer look at Bactefort. This is a brand-new drug for fighting worms. She gave us a brochure, but added that it may be difficult to buy these drops/capsules in a pharmacy, so it is better to order them online.

Bactefort from parasites

At home, I thoroughly googled information about this drug. It turns out that Bactefort from parasites has many conflicting reviews. Some believe that this is an ordinary placebo drug, while others (including doctors) leave most enthusiastic testimonials. No idea what to do next. The factor that helped be decide was our family doctor’s opinion (she has more than 20 years of expertise), so I started looking for official distributor website. On one of the forums I found a link to it. At the website I found a lot of information about the medication, its ingredients, mechanism of action, and treatment instructions.

Bactefort against parasites: mechanism of action

Bactefort has the following effects:

  • choleretic;
  • diuretic;
  • laxative;
  • it stimulates intestinal peristalsis;
  • improves digestion;
  • increases appetite.

All that ensures that the parasite leaves the body as quickly as possible. Special attention should be paid to toxins, formed during the lifecycle of worms. Just imagine: they have been poisoning the body for a long time, so it is necessary to get rid of them as soon as possible. Therefore, the drug also cleanses the body from harmful substances.

Bactefort drug ingredients

The remedy consists of five medicinal herbs, known for their antiparasitic properties:

  • Tansy has a helminthic and cholagogue effect, and can be used to treat infections caused by round helminths
  • Sage (or wormwood) also shows great effectiveness against helminthic invasions (as its name says). Besides, this herb improves appetite;
  • Birch leaves help to get rid of small round worms. Due to diuretic action they help remove toxic substances produced by worms;
  • Green walnut leaves cleanse the intestines of parasites and have a laxative effect;
  • Ginger is one of the most powerful remedy for larvae of various worms. In addition, it contains a lot of natural substances, necessary for a chronically undernourished body due to helminthic invasion.

These natural components share several similar qualities. They all contain bitterness and substances that act on the nervous system of the parasite, causing its paralysis. As a result, helminths leave the body naturally, with a fecal mass. In addition, some herbs have a diuretic, laxative and choleretic effect. All this contributes to the rapid removal of harmful substances produced by worms from the body — toxins formed in the process of vital activity of worms are especially dangerous.

A composition of five herbs will help get rid of parasites and their larvae not only from the intestine, but also from other organs. In addition, the remedy is effective against lamblia and some other species of protozoa. This fact requires another article and another review.

How to use this medication correctly?

We used Bactefort in the form of drops, one bottle contains 10 ml. As the preparation is concentrated, it should be diluted with water before use. The concentrate has a pronounced brownish-orange color and a bitter taste. As I said at the very beginning, Bactefort is available in capsules too, and different forms ay have different treatment recommendations.

How to use Bactefort right?

  • Take 20 drops of the product with 100-150 ml of drinking water.
  • The drug should be administered once on an empty stomach.

Nothing complicated. I made a solution for each family member using room temperature water. A few days later we all passed worm tests in a laboratory and it showed negative results. Gradually, the health of my children improved a lot. They started having a better appetite, their complexion improved, and the allergy symptoms decreased. Now they hardly can catch a cold. It turns out that many immunity failures were caused by worms and toxic substances they produced.

Bactefort – effective or useless?

Advantages of Bactefort and where to buy it?

Our family doctor recommended to take the drug to prevent helminthiases every few months. I decided to keep using Bactefort for this purpose.

Its advantages are obvious to me:

  • the drug has an exceptionally natural composition, it does not contain GMOs, synthetic dyes, fragrances and other chemical substances that may cause allergy.
  • the perfectly selected components complement each other and facilitate the elimination of parasites from the body in the shortest time possible;
  • the drug has no contraindications, except for individual intolerance to any component, as well as no side effects;
  • Bactefort is harmless, it can be used in children;
  • Just one dosage is necessary for therapeutic or preventive purposes;
  • The product is certified in accordance with the legislation;
  • It is over-the-counter drug and requires no prescription.

Having tried Bactefort, I can recommend it to my friends, especially those who have small kids. And no one said there is anything wrong with this remedy. Many followed my example and now use this medicine for a preventive purpose.

Separately, I want to note, do not blame yourself that your children may have worms. My kids are very clean. But they are still kids. They play on the floor, play with animals, spend a lot of time outside. It is impossible to completely protect them from helminthic invasion. Even if they often wash their hands and try to stick to numerous prevention rules. Therefore, the best solution is to give them Bactefort approximately once every six months. However, the same applies to adults.

Bactefort is the best option not only for worm treatment, but also for helminthic invasion prevention for the whole family. The only important thing to know: make sure you order the product from the official website of trusted manufacturers or distributors.

Here is the link I used to order the original Bactefort (official website)
Note from the website Administration: this link has been checked and approved for publication. Some users report about inability to access the abovementioned website or place an order there. If you have this problem, please disable the AdBlock plugin in your browser.

Bactefort from parasites real photo

The price of Bactefort may vary slightly due to special offers on the website or other temporary discount programs. Also, the price may vary slightly in different countries due to logistic reasons (the drug is sold in Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Albania, Greece, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Latvia, Hungary, Estonia, Spain, Bulgaria, France, Romania, Portugal, Italy, Croatia, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Georgia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh, the Philippines and other countries).

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